My teaching spans the areas of film and media studies and critical theory, with a special focus on documentary and feminist, postcolonial, and experimental media. My classes are often organized around a central question or contradiction, such as: “Why does documentary take itself so seriously?” or “Do children need our protection, or do we need protection from children?” I often find that provocations such as these open up revealing insights regarding contemporary media forms and the flows of power in our postmodern climate.

At Amherst College, I regularly teach seminar classes on “The Documentary Impulse,” The Confession: Theory and Practice” and “Having a Voice: Theories of Voice and Documentary.” I will also be regularly offering “Foundations and Integrations in Film and Media Studies” (a course emphasizing the integration of critical and creative practices) and “Coming to Terms: Media” (a course introducing critical keywords and frameworks for the study of media). Previous courses taught at the New School include: “The Queerness of Children,” “Ethnographic Mediations,” “Critical Methodologies in Cultural Studies,” “Mobilizing Shame: The Politics of Humanitarian Mediation,” “Introduction to Media Studies” and “Curating Media.”

I am on sabbatical leave from Amherst College in Fall 2017. In Spring 2018 I will be teaching “Having a Voice: Theories of Voice and Documentary” and “Coming to Terms: Media.”